Entry #4

painting + MAGfest + other stuff

2016-11-11 18:14:23 by x0mbi3s

Started another pinup painting which I'm hoping will end up lookin A+, it's the Doll Woman boss from Condemned 2 (suggested by OmegaBlack) been streaming a little over on twitch too: follow me here to see me paint it! 


 December and January are gonna be busy as heck for me, moving into a new house with my mum within the next two weeks with absolutely NO furniture and no internet so that should be fun!!

sO I gotta get one of my college projects done by christmas break, even thought he deadline for it is in january, but i'm not gonna be in england then so i'm tryna cram it all in asap as well as working on the other two projects.

flying back out to Toronto on December 27th, then sometime between then and january 5th our buddy Trevv is making the 30 hour trip from Melbourne to come see every one for the first time. 

January 5th, TopSpinTheFuzzy, Trevv, myself and two others are flying down to DC for MAGfest! gonna be meeting up with so many people again and some for the first time too like Mr Chambers, Perry, Tyler and Sean, then on the 9th January TSTF, trevv and I are flying down to Cali to hang out with RawMoonDough, Iron Alligator, Omega Black, Syntax, Sirmi and probably a few others. fly back to toronto on the 14th I think... then on the 23rd january i get to fly back to this shithole country on my own :c

Sorry for not posting more, any of you who care, I just like to only post finished stuf on here and i take a long time on things, but I haven't ditched NG! HOWEVER, if you do want to see more frequent updates and other stuff follow me on twitter 

P.S if anyone is going to MAGfest 2017 hmu!

P.P.S Jake Briggs is a fuckin' lemon.


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2016-11-11 18:33:09

I agree that Jake is a lemon. Can't wait to hang, big dawg


2016-11-11 18:35:44

Can confirm, Jake is a lemon